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Insulated Roller Shutters

The NASSAU Insulated and fast acting Insulated Roller Shutters have been developed to provide high security and outstanding insulation all at the same time. Suitable for a multitude of uses, our Insulated Roller Shutters are used across the United Kingdom in Warehouses, Factories, Cold Storage Facilities and Industrial premises including Garages.

Insulated Roller Shutters

The Nassau 2000I and Fast acting Insulated Roller Shutters protects from outside temperatures whilst making savings on energy costs through improved efficiency. Both the Insulated and fast acting Insulated Roller Shutters provide an acoustic value of 18 dBA at low frequencies (500Hz), rising to 25 dBA at 1kHz and beyond.

Insulated Roller Shutter

The NASSAU 2000FA features a fast acting motor and safety system that offers opening speeds of up to 0.45m/s, allowing for increased efficiencies similar to a high speed door but with the increased security of a roller shutter.


The shutter curtain is constructed from 90mm or 100mm twin interlocking cold rolled galvanised steel laths, infilled with CFC free insulation. Each lath is retained by nylon endlocks fixed and secured by steel rivets. The bottom lath incorporates a rubber seal.


100mm or 150mm nylon brushstrips is supplied to fix to the underside of the lintel to form a seal between the lintel and the shutter curtain.


Specially designed galvanised guide sections incorporating twin vertical brush seals to both sides of each guide.


Constructed from mild steel tube of suitable outside diameter and wall thickness to suit the shutter application. Barrels are fitted in conjunction with an appropriate safety device, i.e. Safedrive motor unit.


A variety of electric motors are used, depending upon the application:
► NASSAU Insulated Insulated Roller Shutter – 415v 3 Phase Safe Drive
► NASSAU Fast Acting Insulated Roller Shutter – 415v 3 Phase Safe Drive Fast Action
► NASSAU Fast Acting Insulated Roller Shutter – 415v 3 Phase Safe Drive Fast Action Inverter Drive Motor (additional costs apply)
Additional operating controls such as induction loops, radar and radio controls, plus relevant safety features are commonly used.


Side guides, supporting angles and door curtain are galavanised as standard. Non-Galvanised sections are primer painted. The shutter curtain is available in a range of plastisol colours and can be powder coated.


Coil casings, hoods, fascias and motor covers can be supplied at additional cost and are supplied galvanised unless specified otherwise.


Rows of double glazed Perspex windows can be incorporated into the shutter laths at additional cost.
pdfFull Technical Specifications NASSAU 2000I and 2000FA

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